Monday, April 24, 2017

Why Prom Sucks for Men - or How NOT to Get Laid at Prom

A Got this Question From a Reader:
I noticed Prom goers at a restaurant tonight.  All the girls were dressed as hookers, yet all the guys looked completely depressed like they weren't having any fun at all.  It didn't make sense, why wouldn't they be having fun being out with half naked chicks?

Prom isn't like it used to be.  In the 80s, chicks dressed conservative, but wanted cock.  It was a given, that if you went to prom, you were getting laid. 

Today, girls dress like hookers, (actually, sluttier than ANY hooker I've every seen), but they have NO interest in cock.  Just like most slutty looking chicks at a night club, they are dressed slutty, not because they want cock, but because, they want the power-trip they get from attracting guys, and then getting to shoot them down.  I suspect that modern high-school guys are on to this, and therefore, disgruntled at prom. 

High-school guys should unionize, and publicly make the statement, "No Pussy, No More Guys at Prom". It would save the guys a lot of money, and once things resettled, it would be like the 80s again; Prom = Pussy.  If chicks said, "So what, we don't need guys at prom", then all the better for the guys.  They could spend their prom money on hookers, which is what every high-school guy should be doing anyways.

There is a real simple way to tell if a chick is dressed like a slut, because she wants to be a slut, or if she is just wants to be a cunt, and have the power-trip.  If she wants to be a slut, she'll try to distance herself from other females, so she is not overshadowed by them, and so she looks like the lone, helpless, rabbit, waiting to get picked off by a coyote.

If she wants to be a cunt, she'll be travelling with a pack of other women, and they'll be doing everything they can, to get as drunk as possible, and act as slutty as possible, to attract as many guys as possible, to have the opportunity for as many power-trip shoot-downs, as possible.

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