Monday, April 24, 2017

How Much Money Can You Make From YouTube? FORGET IT being an influencer is a scam

 The entertainment industry is, after all, a business.  The entertainers are the workers, and the bait.  I'm assuming that your industry works like the auto-racing industry, (which is just another form of entertainment).  The vast majority of people involved, (fans AND racers), PAY to participate in the industry.  A handful of racers and businessmen at the top, get the money that all those other people, pumped into the industry.  I don't know what percent of motorsports people MAKE money in the industry, but I suspect it has to be somewhere between 1-10%, (and that includes the motorcycle dealerships, which obviously have to make a little profit, to keep the doors open).  If you limit it to just the racers that make money, it has to be a fraction, of a fraction, of a fraction, of a percentage point.

This model also describes commodities trading.  Although, "only", 50% of the people have to loose money, for the other 50% to make money, since every trade has a long side and a short side.  As long as the loosing side keeps coming up with money to pump in, and keeps loosing, the winning side keeps making money.  However, the reality is, 80-90% of traders loose money, and the profit on the other side of the trade, is split disproportionately, amongst the 10-20% who are making money.  In other words, 50% of the trades are winners, and 50% are losers, hence the term, "commodity trading is a zero-sum outcome".  However, those winning trades happen to be made by 10-20% of the traders, while the loosing side of the trades are held by 80-90% of the traders.  Since most losing traders get starved out of the game, and the illusion and bait of "easy money" continues, there are always fresh sacrifices, oops, I mean participants, lined up to pump their money into the market.  It's like being a prize fighter, but with money, instead of boxing gloves.  Technically, every match, (trade), has one winner and one loser.  However, only a handful of fighters become champions, while the rest of them, get the shit kicked out of them, and their head beat in.

Doesn't that suck?  What a horrible fucking system. So sad that a person can't actually make, "an honest day's pay for an honest day's work".  The reality is, "work 90 hours per week, at a back-breaking, unhealthy job, just to make your bills", or suck it up, and become part of the "capitalistic machine".  How sad. 

So, it seems like my analysis may describe ALL money making endeavors, in a capitalist economy / political structure.  Most people end up being feeder fish, for a handful of sharks.  Isn't it amazing how the majority of Americans are anti-socialism, and anti-communism, and pro-capitalism, when MOST Americans are getting ass-raped by capitalism, every day of their lives?  I am one of the few who benefits from capitalism, and even I can see, capitalism is evil.  I'd much rather have life be, "fair", but it seems even those getting fucked over, don't want that.

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